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COLOMBIA – Government Extends Visa-Free Entry to Some Nationals of Cambodia and Myanmar; And Changes Entry Permit Category for Schengen Nationals

Effective 2 February 2016, the Colombian government has authorised certain nationals of Colombia and Myanmar to enter Colombia without a visa.

The Colombian government has also decided to issue Schengen nationals with PIP-5 entry and stay permits instead of the PIP-10 category introduced in November 2015.

Nationals of Cambodia and Myanmar

The new visa exemption is available to nationals of Cambodia and Myanmar who

  • hold a residence permit in a State of the Schengen area or in the United States; or
  • hold a Schengen visa type C or D, or a visa to the United States (other than in the Class C-1 transit category).

Qualifying nationals of these two countries arriving in Colombia will receive a temporary visitor permit (PIP) in the relevant category, depending on the activities to be undertaken in Colombia (PIP-1 to PIP-8). They will then be able to apply post arrival for a TP-4 temporary work visa or a TP-13 visa for urgent technical work.

Schengen Nationals

The PIP-10 entry permit, recently created for nationals of Schengen Area states, has been replaced by another category of entry permit: PIP-5, which used to be the entry permit given for those who travel for tourism to Colombia.

The PIP-5 for Schengen nationals will allow the same activities (short visits including tourism, business and journalism, sports, artistic performances and intra-corporate training) for an initial term of 90 days within 180 days and is also renewable.

The PIP-5 gives Schengen nationals exemption from VAT for any tourist activities carried out in Colombia.

Action Items

  • Anyone assisting a qualifying national of Cambodia or Myanmar to obtain work authorisation for Colombia should consider taking advantage of the post arrival processes.
  • Expect Schengen Area nationals arriving in Colombia to be issued a PIP-5 Entry and Stay Permit.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Tannus and Asociados and Brigard and Urrutia.

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