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GREECE – Blue Cards May Be Issued for 40 Job Positions in Piraeus

The Ministry of Interior Affairs has published a Ministerial Decision to allow the issuance of Blue Cards for up to 40 highly-skilled non-EU nationals taking up jobs in the region of the port of Piraeus near Athens.

The opening is thought to be for very specific projects in the port of Piraeus, and not a general launch of the Blue Card in Greece.

What’s Changed?

Up to 40 highly-qualified non-EU nationals taking up positions in the area of the port of Piraeus can now apply for a Blue Card, valid for a duration of two years (renewable).

Up to 20 of the positions are for “highly skilled employees in development activities related to new technologies” and another 20 are for “qualified specialists in installation, maintenance and repair of equipment of specific technologies”


Immigration Law 4251/2014, issued on 2 July 2014, allows for the issuance of Blue Cards to non-EU nationals entering Greece. However, the relevant Ministerial Decision necessary for the procedure to be feasible was only published at the end of 2015.

Action Items

  • Employers planning to hire non-EU highly-skilled specialists in “new” technologies for projects in Piraeus should consider the Blue Card as a possible immigration route.

This alert was prepared using information provided by Corporate Relocations Greece Ltd.

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