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CANADA – Leniency Period for Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) Extended Until 9 November 2016

The leniency period for Canada's mandatory new pre-screening system for visa-exempt visitors has been further extended until 9 November 2016.

The Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) system was to become fully implemented for visitors to Canada from certain countries on 29 September 2016. Immigration authorities have agreed to further extend this deadline to give travellers and airlines more time to prepare.

What is the eTA?

From 9 November 2016, visa exempt foreign nationals are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. The eTA is an online registration system that travellers access online. eTAs are valid for five years, or until the expiration date of a passport, whichever comes first.

Who Needs an eTA?

  • The eTA requirement applies to travelers who do not need a visa to enter Canada and who are planning to arrive by air. Visa exempt countries include the UK, Japan, Australia, Korea, countries in the European Union and more.
  • The eTA requirement does not apply to citizens of the United States (US) but US permanent residents, or green card holders, do require the online authorisation.
  • The eTA is not required if a person is entering at a land or sea port of entry.
  • A list of nationalities requiring an eTA is available here.
  • From sometime after March 2016, nationals of Brazil, Bulgaria, Mexico or Romania who hold a current US non-immigrant visa, or who have held a Canadian visa in the past ten years, will be allowed to enter Canada with an eTA instead of a visa.

What is the eTA Application Process?

The eTA process involves entering a traveler’s personal details and passport information into an online portal and paying a fee of $7CAD. Every traveler must obtain an eTA – including children.

In most cases, CIC will approve the eTA within minutes of applying. In situations where an immediate decision is not given, CIC will follow up with applicants with requests to obtain more information.

Action Items

  • Visa-waiver nationals (other than US nationals) travelling to Canada should register for an eTA before travelling, as the leniency period is temporary.

This alert was prepared using information provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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