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PHILIPPINES – All ACR I-Card Holding Foreign Nationals to Report to Immigration Before 3 March 2017

3 March 2017 is the deadline for foreign nationals in the Philippines to report to the immigration office to avoid being noted down as undocumented aliens. The Annual Report (“AR”) 2017 period began on 3 January 2017.

Who Needs To Report?

All foreign nationals holding Alien Certificate of Registration I-Cards are required to report annually, in person. Some examples are:

  • 9(g) pre-arranged employees;
  • 9(d) Treaty traders;
  • 13(A) Permanent residence immigrant visa holders.Foreign nationals in the Philippines in an ACR I-Card exempt category are ‘’’not’’’ required to report. Some examples are:
  • 47(a)2 visa holders;
  • Retirees;
  • Special non-immigrant and Article 60, EO 226 visas under Regional Headquarters or Regional Operating Headquarters.Note that children aged below 14 or adults aged 65 or over are not required to attend the office in person. The parent or legal guardian of a child aged 13 years or under must report on their behalf.

Exemption from Appearance in Person

A foreign national may be exempt from personal appearance, provided that he or she personally appeared in at least one of the 2014, 2015 or 2016 Annual Reports with a completed AR form; pays a fee of P500 for non-appearance; presents an official receipt of payment of the latest Annual Report fee, along with a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with valid government-issued ID of their legal representative, and a valid passport; and undertakes to fulfil obligations (in the case of foreign nationals with CA 613 and/or RA 562 related liabilities).

How to Report

Foreign nationals who are required to report should attend either the main office in Intramuros, Manila, or a regional office in their area of residence, taking with them their ACR I-Card and a confirmation number issued via the AR 2017 online system (for foreign nationals who failed to complete an AR 2014 form or an AR 2015/2016 online form). The fee is PhP300 plus a “legal research” fee of PhP10.

Penalties for Failure to Report

Currently, a delayed report will incur a penalty of PHP 200 per month of delay.

Action Items

  • Ensure that foreign national employees or assignees in the Philippines fulfil the annual reporting requirement (unless exempt from holding the ACR I-Card).

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Follosco, Morallos & Herce.

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