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BULGARIA – New Notification and Document Storage Requirements for Posted Workers

Effective 30 December 2016, Bulgaria has implemented EU Directive 2014/67 (concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services). All employers currently seconding employees to Bulgaria must comply with new notification and document retention requirements by 10 February 2017.

Notification Requirement

Any foreign employer currently seconding employees to Bulgaria must submit a notification form to the General Labour Inspectorate by 10 February 2017. For new secondments, a notification form must be submitted before the work assignment in Bulgaria begins.

A new notification must be submitted within seven days of any change to the details of the posting. The notification must also include the details of a contact person for receiving and sending documents from and to the Bulgarian authorities.

Document Storage

The Bulgarian host company must also keep certain documents related to the posting available during the assignment and for at least one year after the end of the assignment (in Bulgarian). Documents which must be maintained include the letter of assignment, the notification of posting, payslips and timesheets.


The requirement to notify the labour authorities of seconded workers fulfils EU Directive 2014/67, which enforces the 1996 Posted Workers Directive (96/71/EC) and was due to be implemented by EU Member States by 18 June 2016.

Action Items

  • Companies currently posting foreign national employees to Bulgaria should ensure that they comply with the new notification and document retention requirements by 10 February 2017. For new secondments, employers must fulfill the requirements before the first day of work in Bulgaria.

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