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CHINA – Immigration Compliance Enforcement Campaign Launched in Beijing

China’s government authorities in Beijing have launched a crackdown on immigration non-compliance. The campaign targets foreign nationals residing or working in the city without the correct visas or work permits and will include household visits in areas known for a high concentration of foreign national residents, as well as random street stop-and-search checks.

Impact on Foreign Nationals

We anticipate random police checks to be carried out in areas of Beijing with a high concentration of foreign national residents or activity, e.g. San Li Tun, Wu Dai Kou. Immigration audit visits at offices and at residential addresses are also possible.

Foreign nationals should carry their original passports with visas and police registration documents with them at all times.

Possible Delays for New Applications

It is likely that the authorities issuing immigration documents will also be scrutinising application even more carefully than normal, and may ask for additional documentation or information in support of applications.

Other Regions in China

Although the campaign has been launched in Beijing only for the time being, it is certainly possible that similar audits may be carried out in other regions and cities in China.

Action Items

  • Ensure that your foreign national employees carry their original passports and police registration documentation with them at all times
  • Ensure that your company has the original work permits of foreign national assignees/ employees ready and available for inspection, should an audit be carried out
  • Ensure that employees or assignees in China on business visitor (F) visa status understand that their immigration status does not entitle them to carry out work or to reside in China

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Ark Relocation

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