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UKRAINE – Visa Issuance Rules Amended

Effective 16 April 2017, Resolution No. 118 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduces online visa applications, simplifies the requirements for visa invitation letters, reduces the time allowed for consulates to process and issue a visa and reduces the consular visa application fee, amongst other changes.

Online Visa Option

Foreign nationals will be able to apply online for a 30-day single-entry visa for business or tourism online.

Visa Invitation Letters

These no longer have to be obtained from the State Migration Service, but instead can be provided by the host company on company letterhead, or by a natural person (must be notarised).

Reduced Visa Issuance Period

For standard applications, the consulates will have to issue the visa within ten days of the application submission. For urgent applications, the issuance period will be five days. Previously, visas were issued within 15 days.

Reduced Visa Fees

The Resolution introduces a new flat fee of USD 65 for any kind of consular visa, regardless of the number of entries. Previously, the fee for single-entry visas was USD 85, while double-entry visas cost USD 130 and multiple-entry visas cost USD 200.

Visa on Arrival

The visa on arrival program has been extended to more nationalities, and will be available for business as well as tourism for stays of up to 15 days, for a fee of USD 150.

The list of qualifying nationalities can be found here.

Other Changes

  • Long-term (type D) visas can be issued as a multiple entry visa for 90 days (previously, such visas were issued only for a single entry allowing the holder for up to 45 days);
  • Short-term (type C) visas can now be obtained by foreign nationals upon submission of title documents to real estate located in Ukraine;

Action Items

  • Employers should note the reduced visa issuance times and fees, the simplified invitation letter requirement and the expanded visa on arrival program.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by ABEA.

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