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VIETNAM – Commitment Letter Required for Multiple Entry Visas

Effective 4 June 2012, an additional document is required for the issuance of three month multiple entry business visas for Vietnam, applicable both for business visas on arrival and for applications at Vietnamese Embassies/consulates around the world. This change affects assignees/expatriate employees in Vietnam as well as business travellers, since arrival on a business visa is part of the standard immigration process.

Commitment Letter

The new document is a “commitment letter”, to be signed and stamped by the Vietnamese entity, taking responsibility for the foreign national. Peregrine can provide a template on request. The commitment letter is now required in support of the application for the business visa authorisation letter, which in turn is needed in order to obtain the business visa, either on arrival in Vietnam or at one of Vietnam’s Embassies or consulates.

Single Entry Visas

The new commitment letter is not required for single entry visa applications, meaning that authorisation letters for these applications can still be obtained in two to three days as normal.

Action Items

  • Note that a commitment letter will be required, effective immediately, for multiple entry business visa applications. This will add at least one working day to necessary preparation time for business visa authorisation letter applications.
  • Contact Peregrine, or Resident Vietnam (details below) for a template letter

This alert was prepared using information provided by Resident Vietnam

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