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KAZAKHSTAN – Recent Changes to Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit Rules

Effective 15 September 2017, the Ministry of labour and Social Protection has amended the rules for obtaining work permits for intra-company transferees.

What has changed?

Here are the changes to the intra-company transferee work permit rules:

  • The host company must now submit confirmation that the position has been advertised for 15 days, in support of the work permit application.
  • Work permit applications will now be approved even if the employment service finds qualified local candidates during the compulsory 15-days local labour market search.
  • The special conditions (providing training or employment for local Kazakh nationals) applicable to a host company applying for a work permit for an intra-company transferee are now applicable for both initial and renewal applications.
  • Host companies participating in the program for increasing the proportion of the local workforce are exempt from the special conditions. This program is available for companies which have concluded a contract with a relevant state authority in accordance with an agreement on sharing products (usually companies working in oil industry).
  • Educational certificates are no longer required in support of the work permit application for intra-company transferees. Instead, the foreign employer and the host company are to provide official letters stating that the assignee’s work experience and qualifications match the position and the relevant skill.

Action Items

  • Companies planning to assign employees to Kazakhstan on an intra-company transfer basis should seek further advice from an immigration specialist on how these changes may affect them.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Intermark Relocations.

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