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Immiguru – The Global Immigration Knowledge Database You’ve Been Waiting For

Peregrine Immigration Management Ltd is proud to announce the launch of Immiguru - an innovative, web-based corporate immigration knowledge database, containing clear, consistent and up-to-date information on nearly 200 different immigration processes to around 40 different countries worldwide, and counting.

What Is Immiguru?

Immiguru was created to answer a specific need in the global mobility industry. Sophy King, Managing Director of Peregrine Immigration Management Ltd, has been working in global immigration for nearly a decade. Sophy saw the need in the industry for a centralised planning and resources tool that could be accessed by multiple companies and service providers.

Watch our online demonstration video today.

User Friendly

Immiguru is designed to be extremely user friendly. The data is laid out clearly and consistently for each country, and can also be downloaded as a PDF for easy sharing and discussion. The user interface is clean and bold and intuitive to use. We’ve had 100% positive feedback on how easy the system is to navigate.

Immiguru runs in a browser, and everything is hosted by us. So there's nothing to install. All you need to do is log in.

Example 1: Project Planning

Here's an example. A multinational software company is bidding on a project to be based in Germany. The company can’t yet initiate a service provider, because they haven’t yet won the bid. However, if they do win the bid, they’ll need their people in Germany immediately.

If this company uses Immiguru they will be able to access details of immigration procedures in Germany upfront, including recommended salary criteria, supporting personal and corporate documents required and average processing time for each step of the process.

They will be able to use this data to identify who to send, what kind of contracts to prepare, how salary should be arranged, and what documents should be drafted, plus to set a realistic start date with their client, so that when they win the bid, they’re ready to go.

Example 2: Multiple Country Comparison

A large bank has a senior executive, currently based in the U.S., whom they want to move to Europe.

He will be travelling on a regular basis. The company has no strong preference for which country he actually lives in. He, on the other hand, has stipulated that he will not accept the transfer unless his spouse will also be able to work in the destination country.

If his company has access to Immiguru, they will be able to determine at the touch of a button which countries in Europe and which immigration processes will give spousal work permission.

Example 3: RFP Management

A global technology company is looking for a new immigration provider. They want fees for immigration services into 35 countries, and they want to be sure that the fees they’re being quoted are appropriate and transparent. It’s difficult for them to do this without understanding scope of service and specific procedures in each country.

Immiguru can give this company real data, and template pricing sheets, so that they can select the best provider from a position of knowledge and power.


Even if a company has in-house immigration knowledge, this is often scattered across its departments or global offices.

Immiguru brings detailed immigration data on over 40 countries together, and makes it accessible in an instant, so that all parts of a business can look at the same timelines, the same document checklists and understand the same red flag issues, wherever they’re located.

Immigration knowledge no longer has to be purchased on a case by case basis, or restricted to the global mobility department of a company – Immiguru makes it possible to give business managers instant access, including via their smart phones, to key data for global project planning.

Service Providers

Service providers in the mobility industry should have global immigration knowledge, or they’re letting their clients down. It is dangerous to make a half-hearted attempt at keeping immigration data up to date.

Immiguru gives service providers in the mobility industry immediate access to comprehensive, detailed and updated global immigration knowledge, plus contact details of immigration professionals across the globe.

Value for Money

Immiguru licences are available either as an annual “access all areas” licence or via a “pay per use” credit token system.

We are confident that the system offers excellent value for money. Immiguru saves its users time, and avoids the high cost of missing deadlines due to bad planning.

To obtain this level of detailed data directly from an immigration attorney or specialist would typically cost in the hundreds of dollars per country, plus would take significant time and effort to organise.

Free Trial

Contact us on for a free trial or an online demo today, and check out our online demonstration video here.

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