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PERU – Extended Eligibility for Temporary Residence Permit for Venezuelan Nationals

Effective immediately, the National Superintendency of Migration of Peru has extended the right to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (PTP - Permiso Temporal de Permanencia) to all Venezuelan migrants who entered Peru before 1 August 2017.

Previously, the PTP was available to Venezuelan nationals who entered Peru before 2 February 2017. The permit has already been awarded to over 11,000 Venezuelans, and around 8000 more have arrived in Peru since 2 February 2017.

What is the PTP?

  • The PTP regularizes the status of Venezuelans who legally entered Peru during the qualifying period, and allows them to work. It is valid for one year and is renewable.
  • Qualifying Venezuelan nationals can make an appointment to apply at an immigration office within 120 days of 1 August 2017, and applications will be decided within 30 working days of submission. A sworn declaration of no national or international criminal record must be submitted in support of the application.
  • A similar special residence permit has recently been introduced for Venezuelans in Colombia – see our alert of 2 August.

Action Items

  • Qualifying Venezuelan nationals should consider applying for the PTP before the deadline, to regularize their immigration status and allow them to work in Peru.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Barrios Fuentes Abogados.

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