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RUSSIA – Foreign Nationals Can Now Register Using the Address of their Inviting Organisation

Business travellers to Russia can now use the address of their inviting organisation or company for registration purposes.

A decision of the Constitutional Court has established that foreign nationals registering their address in Russia can use the address of their inviting organisation (as indicated in the visa), as long as they continue to participate in that organisation’s activities at that address.

Previously, only the foreign national’s address of actual residence or their employer’s address could be used for registration.

Note that local migration authorities may contradict the Court’s decision, so it is important to check with a particular authority whether the registration at the address of an inviting company would be allowed in practice.

Action Items

  • Organisations inviting foreign nationals to Russia for business or other purposes are advised to check with the local migration authorities whether the visa holder can register at the organisation’s address instead of the address of actual residence.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Intermark Relocation.

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