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MALAYSIA – MYXpats Centre Announces Year-End Closure

MYXpats Centre has announced that the Expatriate Service Division (ESD)’s online system will be closed for system maintenance and updates from 26 December 2017 (6pm) to 2 January 2018 (8am).

During the closure, the system will not be accessible for submission of online applications (ESD company registration, Employment Pass, Dependent Pass, Long Term Visit Pass and Professional Visit Pass) or monitoring status of these applications.

Applications for passes must be submitted as early as possible if approval is to be obtained before the closure date.  For applications submitted closer to the closure date, the status will only be known after 2 January 2018 when the system resumes.

Cut-off Dates

  • The agency will not accept any physical counter submissions in Surian Tower from 28 December 2017 to 1 January 2018.
  • The cut-off date for passport submission for endorsement procedures is 19 December 2017, as MYXpats aims to have passports endorsed by 22 December 2017. Note that the immigration office on Putrajaya will remain open for endorsement procedures during the holiday period.
  • MYXpats Centre will accept Resident Pass-Talent applications including passports for endorsement procedures until 15 December 2017. Submissions made after the mentioned cut-off date will only be processed from 2 January 2018 onwards.
  • The last day for requesting transfer of endorsement or cancellation of a pass is 27 December 2017, to ensure completion by 29 December 2017.

Action Items

  • Employers should ensure that applications for new or renewal passes, company registration, endorsement procedures, and requests for pass cancellation are submitted as early as possible to avoid delays due to the system closure.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Permit Pro and Rabin & Associates.

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