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IRAQ – Exit Visas No Longer Available at Airports - UPDATED

Effective immediately, foreign nationals exiting Iraq may no longer obtain their exit visas at the airport on their way departing Iraq. All requests for exit visas now must be submitted and processed through the MOI Residency and Immigration Office.

Under past practice, foreign nationals could typically submit exit visa request letters, pay any fines for overstay, and receive their exit visa at the airport visa office just prior to going through passport control at the departures terminal. Now, exit visa request letters and any overstay fines payments must be submitted at the MOI Residency and Immigration Office. The MOI will then affix an exit visa sticker to the individual’s passport, valid for ten calendar days in which to exit the country.

Iraqi exit visas authorizing departure are required for foreign nationals who have remained in the country for more than ten days from entry.


Effective 31 December 2018, the Government of Iraq's (GOI) Ministry of Interior issued an instruction that the GOI visa offices at the Federal Iraq airports (Baghdad, Basra , Najaf etc.) will resume issuance of Iraqi exit visas ONLY for any MEV or MEEVs that expired before 27 November 2017; the assessed late fee will be IQD 500,000 (Approx. USD$417).

Action Items

  • With this change in procedure for obtaining exit visas, foreign nationals planning to exit Iraq are advised to contact their Immigration Specialists at least three business days prior to their expected departure dates to receive assistance in obtaining the required exit visa and avoid any delays in their travel plans.

This alert was prepared using information provided by New Frontiers Business Consulting.

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