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CZECH REPUBLIC – New Consular Appointment-Booking System

From 1 December 2017, a new appointment booking system has been introduced at Czech consulates. Applicants must now request a long-term visa or residence permit appointment by email, following the procedures set out below.

However, requests for appointments sent during December show that the process and timing vary significantly between consulates (from several weeks to several months).

Consulates at which it was challenging to obtain appointments in 2017 continue to grant appointments for up to several months after the appointment request.

New Appointment Booking System

  • Applicants for long term visas and long term residency permits travelling to the Czech Republic should now use the email address visa_[name of consulate] to make an appointment.
  • One email represents one application (only minor children might be included in the parent’s email).
  • Requests for appointments will be accepted depending on the capacity at the consulate, some consulates will only accept a limited number of applications per week, other will add all applications to a waiting list.
  • Applications will be accepted and processed chronologically.
  • The applicant will receive an appointment date only if the email contains all the required information.
  • Some consulates only accept emails sent on a certain day of the month while still others will accept all emails and issue confirmation of appointments chronologically.
  • Some consulates will require the application to include an alphanumeric code in the subject of the email request. These codes will be provided by the relevant consulate and will change regularly (weekly/monthly).
  • The email must contain the following identification information about the applicant: First name and surname; date of birth; passport number; purpose of your travel; phone number; email; attached copy of passport data page; attached copy of document evidencing purpose of travel (e.g. employment contract, invitation letter).
  • The appointment dates are final and unchangeable. If the applicant cancels their appointment, a new appointment must be requested by email with the identical procedure.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that:

  • The email should be sent by the applicant.
  • It is not possible to use specific encryption or password protection for the emails or attachments.
  • No information can be provided in advance on how long it might take to obtain an appointment.


As we reported, the Visapoint booking system was closed on 1 November 2017 and is no longer available for booking appointments for visa or residence permit applications.

Action Items

  • Employers of foreign nationals requiring long-term visas or residence permits for the Czech Republic should allow for delays while the new appointment-booking system is fully implemented.
  • Applicants for Czech long-term visas and residence permits should check the details of the procedure with the consulate of application.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by International Business Support.

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