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BRAZIL - Temporary Vitem V Visa (Local Hire) Must Be Converted to Permanent Visa After 2 Years

The Ministry of Justice in Brazil has issued an announcement stating that, effective immediately, temporary Vitem V visas for local hires cannot be extended after the initial maximum validity period of 24 months. After 24 months, the visa must be converted into a permanent visa.

What’s Changed?

Previously, it was possible to apply convert temporary visas into permanent visas only after four years.

It is important to note, firstly that temporary visas for local hires MUST now be converted into permanent visas in order for the applicant to remain in Brazil, and secondly, that the initial permanent visa granted will still be linked to the Brazilian employer. A permanent visa giving unrestricted work permission for any employer may be applied for after a total period in Brazil of four years.

This is not a change in law – simply an adaptation of procedures to the Brazil Federal Law on Consolidated Labour Laws.


In practice, the permanent visa application is not considerably more strenuous than the temporary visa extension, and it also carries the benefit that dependents of permanent visa holders are not restricted from taking up employment in Brazil on their dependent visa status.

The measure is also expected to reduce overall administration at the Brazilian authorities, which hopefully will have a positive impact on overall processing times in the long run.

Action Items

  • Review status of expatriate local hires in Brazil and prepare to make permanent visa applications rather than extension applications where relevant

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Overseas Consultoria

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