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BRAZIL – Colombia’s MERCOSUR Membership Activated at Federal Police

The Federal Police in Brasilia are now accepting applications for residence permits from Colombian nationals in accordance with the MERCOSUR agreement. This means that work permits are no longer required for Colombians to work in Brazil; instead a temporary residence permission (VIRET) can be applied for post arrival, which will be valid for two years and leads to permanent residence.


MERCOSUR is a regional economic and political bloc in Latin America that, among other things, facilitates freedom of movement and residence for nationals of member states between member states. MERCOSUR states are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela, with Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru as associate members. Colombia’s associate membership was confirmed earlier this year and how now taken effect at the Federal Police. Not all MERCOSUR member states benefit from freedom of movement in Brazil – the temporary residence permission under this status is not currently issued to nationals of Venezuela or Ecuador.

MERCOSUR Residence Permission

Residence permission under the MERCOSUR agreement can be applied for post arrival and is generally issued in just one day, but note that supporting documentation should still be prepared in advance, including police clearance certificates and, in most cases, legalisation of personal documentation.

Action Items

  • Note that Colombian nationals are now eligible for temporary residence permission (VIRET) under the MERCOSUR agreement in Brazil.

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