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GREECE – New Process for Assignments from Within the EEA

Applications under Article 18 of Greece’s Immigration Law 3386/2005, which relates to short term assignments of non-European nationals from within the European Economic Area (EEA) are now possible. The Article transposes the Van der Elst ruling into Greek national law.

More About Article 18

Greece’s Ministry of Interior Affairs first published details relating to Article 18 in May 2012, but did not publicise the route. Applications are now possible but it should be noted that the route is very new, and many Greek Embassies and consulates worldwide will be unfamiliar with it.

This process is for non-European Union nationals (“third country” nationals) who are resident in a member state of the European Union or European Economic Area with valid work and residence permission, and who will be coming to Greece on short term assignment, either between two branches of the

Qualifying Criteria

  • The applicant must hold a residence permit in another EU/EEA country and remain contracted by and on the payroll of a company in that country,
  • The applicant must be coming to Greece for a short term assignment, either pursuant to a service agreement between the employer in the sending country and a client in the host country, or as an intra-company transferee to a branch office.
  • The position in Greece must be temporary in nature, i.e. the applicant may not be, for example, on the Board of Directors or a legal representative of the Greek company.

Validity of Documents

Residence permits will be granted for an initial period of one year and can then be extended for a further six months, i.e. up to 1.5 years in total.

Action Items

  • Note that applications for visas for Greece under Article 18, i.e. assignments of non-EU nationals from within the EU or EEA, are now possible but that the route is new and relatively untested.

This alert was drafted using information provided by Corporate Relocations Greece Ltd

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