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NEW ZEALAND – Changes to Minimum Income Thresholds

Effective 26 November 2018, the minimum income thresholds for essential skills work visas and skilled migrant residence visas are set to increase.

What are the changes?

Essential skills work visas

Skill Level Current Rate 26 November 2018 Visa Duration
Low-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 1-3) Less than NZD 20.65/hour Less than NZD 21.25/hour 12 months
Low-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 4-5) Less than NZD 36.44/hour Less than NZD 37.50/hour 12 months
Mid-skilled employment (ANZSCO level 1-3) Less than NZD 20.65 - 36.43/hour Less than NZD 21.25 - 37.49/hour 3 years
High-skilled employment (Any ANZSCO level) At least NZD 36.44/hour Less than NZD 37.50/hour 5 years

Skilled migrant residence visas

Skill level Current rate 26 November 2018
Skilled employment at ANZSCO level 1-3. NZD 24.29/hour NZD 25.00/hour
Skilled employment at ANZSCO levels 4-5 (or where there is no matching ANZSCO code). NZD 36.44/hour NZD 37.50/hour

Action items

  • Employers are advised to review the salaries of their foreign employees holding essential skills work visas or skilled migrant residence visas.

This news alert was prepared with information provided by Cavell Leitch.

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