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FRANCE – New Online Verification Procedure for VLS-TS Long-Stay Visa

Effective 18 February 2019, all foreign nationals in France holding unverified VLS-TS long-stay visas must verify their visa via a new online portal.

The residence permit tax stamp must be paid for via the same portal as part of the new procedure, and the verification may trigger an invitation to the applicant to attend the OFII for an immigration medical and/or integration contract.


The VLS-TS (visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour – long stay visa equivalent to a residence permit) is valid for between six and twelve months. For longer stays, it must be converted into a residence permit.

Verification must be completed within three months of arrival in France, to avoid having to obtain a separate residence permit from the local prefecture, and to receive a social security number to enable work and access to medical care or other social services.

Previously, the applicant had to submit a VLS-TS visa verification application to the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) by post or email, then wait for an invitation to attend the OFII, buy a tax stamp, undergo an immigration medical (if required), sign an integration contract and have a vignette placed in their passport.

For verification applications already received before 18 February 2019, for applicants who are not subject to an immigration medical and/or integration contract, and who have not yet received an invitation from the OFII, the applicant is invited to validate their VLS-TS visa online.

Action Items

  • Employers who may be affected are encouraged to contact their immigration specialist for case-specific advice.

This alert was prepared with information provided by APRO Consulting and Expat Partners.

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