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ITALY – Professional Validation Required for Blue Cards

On 10 December 2012, the Italian Ministry of Interior provided clarifications on Blue Card eligibility requirements and, in these clarifications, included the news that in addition to the apostilled and translated educational degree (for a degree course that lasted at least three years), the authorities will also require the individual’s professional position to be validated by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Educational Validation

The validation of the professional position will be carried out by the Italian Ministry of Education, who say that the process will take around 30 days. Given that this is a brand new requirement and therefore untested, it would be wise to allow at least 30-45 days.

Blue Cards

The Blue Card is an EU (with some exceptions) wide programme designed to encourage skilled migrants to head towards the EU. Blue cards are available in participating countries for applicants with concrete job offers, salaries that meet certain levels, and qualifications or experience that meet certain levels.

The Blue Card was particularly welcome in Italy, where obtaining work permits for applicants who do not qualify as intra company transferees is a very difficult process, subject to quota limitations. The new requirement will add significantly to the timing and administration of the new process.

More About Blue Cards

Peregrine was pleased to present a webinar on the Blue Card recently (accessible here). Or, download our Blue Card Infographic here!

Action Items

  • Note that validation of the professional position by the Ministry of Education is now required for Italian Blue Card applications and that this will take at least one month

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