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SAUDI ARABIA - New Permanent Residence Scheme [UPDATED]

The Saudi government has begun accepting applications for its new permanent residence scheme, similar to the green card systems used elsewhere, which aims to attract affluent and highly-skilled foreign nationals.

Premium Residency

Unlike the present system, the Premium Residency scheme will not require applicants to have a Saudi sponsor. In addition, holders will be able to work, obtain visas for relatives, hire workers, own property and transport, and leave and re-enter the country without an exit/re-entry visa.

The Premium Residency Centre, an online platform, accepts applications and below are the criteria for applicants:

  • The applicant must have a valid passport;
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age;
  • The applicant must not have a criminal record;
  • The applicant must provide evidence of their financial solvency;
  • The applicant must provide a health report on the health status of the applicant;
  • The applicant must hold a valid Iqama if applying from within the Kingdom.

There are two options for those applying for residency:

Option 1: Unlimited Duration Premium Residency (SP1)

This option gives lifetime residency in the Kingdom and has a one-time fee of SAR 800,000 (USD 213,340).

Option 2: Limited Duration Premium Residency (SP2)

The SP2 option gives a one year residency permit and costs an annual fee of SAR 100,000 (USD 26,668).

Action items

Employers who may be affected are encouraged to contact a Newland Chase immigration specialist for case-specific advice.

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