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ROMANIA – 2013 Work Permit Quotas Announced

The work permit quotas for 2013 have been published in the Official Gazette (issue 881 on 12 December 2012), according to Government Decision 1253/2012.

More About Romania's Work Permit Quota

Romania’s work permit quotas run from 1 January every year and are decided annually by the government, based on the proposals from the Ministry of Labour. The quotas are set at national level and then subdivided into categories for local hires, assignees, highly skilled workers (Blue Cards) as well as seasonal workers, athletes, cross border workers, internships and nominal wage workers. Once the quotas have been exhausted for a particular category, no more work permit approvals in that category can be given till the following year - unless the Romanian government exceptionally adjusts the quotas (this happened in 2012).

Work Permit Quotas for 2013

The quotas for 2013 are as follows:

  1. Work permits for local hires: 3000 (same as for 2012)
  2. Work permits for assignees: 900 (up from 700 in 2012)
  3. Work permits for highly skilled workers (Blue Cards): 800 (down from 1000 in 2012)
  4. Work permits for seasonal workers: 100 (same as 2012)
  5. Nominal work permits: 100 (same as for 2012)
  6. Work permits for interns: 200 (same as for 2012)
  7. Work permits for athletes: 300 (same as for 2012)
  8. Work permits for cross border workers: 100 (same as for 2012)

Adjustments to the Quota

Once the quota limits have been reached for a particular category, no more permits can be granted in that category until new quotas are opened the following year.

The quota allowance for assignees is regularly reached early in the year. In 2011, this caused great inconvenience to corporations in Romania. In 2012, the quota for assignees was reached early again, and so the Romanian government, re-allocated 700 of the local hire work permit quota allowance to the assignee work permit quota in September 2012 (i.e. adjusting the figures from 3000 local work permit places down to 2300, and moving the assignee allowance up from 700 places to 1400).

It is interesting to note that the assignee quota for 2013 has been set at just 900 places – it is anticipated that this will be reached before December and it remains to be seen whether adjustments will be made or not.

Blue Cards

The quota allowance for Blue Cards has been set at just 800 places, down from 1000 last year, most likely due to lack of demand. The Blue Card is a new process to Romania – to find out more, access our infographic here or our webinar here.

Action Items

  • Note the new work permit quotas for 2013.

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