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VIETNAM – No Multiple Entry Visas on Arrival

The Immigration Department has stopped issuing authorisation letters for 3 month, multiple entry business visas to be stamped on arrival. Multiple entry visas can now only be obtained at Vietnamese embassies overseas. The 3 month, single entry business visa on arrival is still available.


There has been no written official document provided by the Immigration Department, no prior notice and no explanation for the change. Peregrine’s partner in Vietnam, Resident Vietnam, is looking into the reasons for the change, but no background information is currently available.

Temporary Change?

From our past experience, this restriction may be temporary as the authorities have been known to reverse such declarations without giving notice or reasons for changes. We will keep you informed.

Impact on Foreign Nationals

The standard immigration process in Vietnam involves entry into the country on a multiple entry visa, then application for the work permit post arrival (can take up to three months), and then finally, the application for the residence card.

If foreign nationals do not have multiple entry visas on entry to Vietnam, they will be unable to travel in and out of Vietnam until the residence card has been approved

Therefore, any foreign national moving to Vietnam who knows that he or she will have a need to travel out of the country within the first three months of arrival should obtain a multiple entry business visa from the Vietnamese consulate in the country of residence, rather than obtaining the visa on arrival.

Action Items

  • Note the multiple entry visas can no longer be issued on arrival, so expatriate employees moving to Vietnam will either need to obtain multiple entry visas from the Vietnamese consulate in the country of residence prior to arrival, or will need to remain in Vietnam without travelling until residence cards are finalised.

This alert was prepared using information provided by Resident Vietnam

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