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KAZAKHSTAN – Police Clearances, Medical Certificates, Medical Insurance No Longer Required

The government of Kazakhstan has announced new rules, to take effect from 23 March 2013, and which remove the requirement to submit police clearance certificates, medical certificates or evidence of medical insurance in support of work permit applictions.

New Legislation

The new legislation was announced on 13 March 2013. Governmental Resolution # 44 of 25 January 2013, which makes changes to the Rules of quota establishment for attracting foreign labour force to Republic of Kazakhstan and the Rules and Conditions for issuance of permits to foreign workers for employment and to employers for attracting foreign labour force, has been adopted. The new rules come into effect from 23 March 2013.

Police Clearances, Medicals and Insurance No Longer Required

The major impact of the resolution is that police clearance certificates (also known as criminal record certificates) and medical certificates are no longer required – this is a significant change which will save greatly on administration time.

Police clearance certificates had to be obtained from the country of residence of the applicant, and so timing varied from case to case – as an example, however, it can take 12 weeks or even longer to obtain FBI police clearances for U.S. residents.

The medical certificate requirement was also significant – a comprehensive and detailed medical on a specific form was required; this is no longer the case. However, note that HIV tests post-arrival are still a requirement in order to be able to carry out the final registration step.

Action Items

  • Note that, from 23 March 2013, police clearance certificates, medical certificates and medical insurance evidence need no longer be provided in support of Kazakh work permit applications.

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