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WINNERS – Peregrine Wins Industry Award for Immiguru Software

We are delighted to announce that Peregrine Immigration Management has won a Re:Locate award for Technological Innovation in Relocation, presented last night at the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall. Peregrine won the award for Immiguru, our groundbreaking immigration knowledge software, which empowers its users with up to date, clear and relevant immigration data for corporate moves into over 50 locations worldwide. We would like to thank all our partners and our clients for their belief in us and their support, as well as, of course, the Re:Locate team for putting on an excellent event last night.

Re:Locate Awards

The Re:Locate awards are an annual event run by Re:locate, the magazine for HR professionals, global managers and relocation specialists.

The awards have been going since 2007, celebrating talent and the contribution of both HR and service providers in the global mobility industry.

Speaking before the gala dinner, Fiona Murchie, managing editor of Re:locate, said, "With increasing globalisation, the need for mobility is also growing, so it’s no surprise that, following steady increases each year since 2007, when the awards began, this has been our best year yet for entries, with hot competition across all categories."

Technological Innovation in Relocation

The Technological Innovation category, in Re:Locate’s words, "recognises the effective and innovative use of technology by a relocation organisation or HR team to bring about business and employee benefits, or the provider of an innovative product/service sing technology within the relocation context."

We are in good company - last year, the award went to PwC for their business traveller tracking solution, TravelWatch.

What the Judges Said

The judges in this category commented on the high standard of all entries and indeed, Peregrine was extremely proud to be selected as winner from a group of very worthy competitors, including mTrotter and Move Guides, both of whom are doing great work in facilitating knowledge and data transfer in the field of expatriate mobility.

However, in the event, we triumphed with Immiguru. The judges said, "Immigration is an increasingly complex area for the layperson. Failures to observe the correct process can greatly delay a move, which impacts both employers and employees. This new system captures all elements of the process. It is easy to access, and the information is clear and concise, broken down into clear steps, which will enable HR, mobility and relocation companies to provide fast and accurate information to the business and employee."

More About Immiguru

Data Value

Immiguru is the result of Sophy's (Peregrine’s Managing Director) decade of personal experience working in global immigration. The data currently available represents approximately 3500 hours’ worth of specific expert research into global corporate immigration routes, presented using technology that has taken roughly 2000 hours to design and create – and the system is constantly being developed, expanded and improved.

Peregrine Partners

All data within the Immiguru system is regularly reviewed, roughly every four weeks, by Peregrine’s partners - a network of more than 70 immigration specialist providers across the globe. These providers have their contact details prominently listed in the database so that Immiguru users can contact them directly if they have specific questions or want to initiate a case. Too often, companies make immigration decisions in the dark – this shouldn’t be happening, and it no longer needs to.

Peregrine Immigration

Peregrine is an immigration consultancy with a difference – we believe that the only way for companies to handle immigration effectively is to understand how immigration processes work, embedding compliance within the organisation itself. To that end, we provide training, project work, consultations, policy drafting, RFP management and case management support. All our services are geared towards empowering our clients to handle immigration effectively, whether that is in-house, or outsourced. Find out more about us, and see a video of Immiguru for yourself, on our website here.

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