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ISRAEL – Two Year Work Permits Now Available

Effective 5 February, 2014, the Work Permit Unit of the Ministry of Interior will accept applications for work permits valid for two years. They will also continue to accept applications for three month or one year periods, as was the norm previously.

The new longer work permit is expected to require more supporting documentation on application, but will have to be renewed less often.

The change affects only the work permit period and not the B-1 work visa period at this stage.

Extension of Visa Still Required

Note that although the work permits will be issued for either three months, one year or two years, depending on project or assignment need, the actual B-1 working visa placed in the employee's passport will still be valid for a maximum of one year.

In cases where the work permit is approved for two years, the visa will have to be extended for an additional (second) year, without the need to extend the work permit. As a result, the extension process is expected to be shortened.

Application Process

The need for the two year work permit must be backed by in-depth information supporting the need for the longer duration. It is expected, therefore, that the process for the two year permit will be more challenging than for shorter periods, requiring additional supporting information.

No formal regulations have been published, but are expected to be issued shortly to clarify additional matters such as: processing times, government fees etc. Peregrine will keep you informed as these issues are resolved.

Action Items

  • Note the new two year work permit, and the probable increased documentation requirements and reduced renewal processing it entails.
  • Remember that B-1 work visas are still valid for a maximum of one year.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Kan-Tor & Acco

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