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GHANA – New “Rotator” Work Permit for Oil and Gas Workers

Ghana Immigration Service has announced a new category of work permit to be rolled out for rotational workers in the oil and gas sector, with the aim of reducing processing times for approvals and increasing immigration compliance in this sector.

The rotator permit is designed for technical workers on short-term assignments to carry out repairs or maintenance.

Background and Benefits

The new category is being introduced in response to companies employing technical workers on short-term assignments without work authorisation, as processing time for standard work permits was so long.

The rotator permit is expected to be issued in significantly less time than the current four to six weeks for a standard work permit for oil and gas workers.

More Details

The new permit type will be valid for six or twelve months and will be renewable subject to the approval of the Petroleum Commission.

The government fee is $500USD for a six month rotator permit and $1000USD for a twelve month rotator permit.

Government fees for immigration processing have recently been increased across the board. A standard work permit now costs $500USD for Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) nationals and $1000USD for non-ECOWAS nationals.

Other requirements are the same as for standard work permit applications, including the necessity to prove that no Ghanaian applicants were qualified for the position.

Currently, applications for the new permit type are not yet being accepted, but this is expected in the near future.

Action Points

  • Note that the new rotator permit will be available for short-term technical assignments.

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