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LUXEMBOURG – Social Identification Badge Required for Assignees

Effective immediately, employers sending assignees (seconded workers) to Luxembourg must declare the secondment to the authorities using a new online tool. A social identification badge must also be ordered for the individual assignee, which should be carried by the assignee at all times. The declaration process was tested with some companies last year and is now fully operational.

Who Is Affected?

The social identification badge is required for every assignee seconded by a foreign employer to Luxembourg, regardless of their sector of activity (construction, finance, services, industry, IT, etc.), and, in principle, regardless of the duration of the service provision.

It applies to all sectors of activity, although the construction sector is a priority for the government because this is the sector with the most posted workers.

How Does the Online Notification System Work?

The sending employer (i.e. the foreign entity) must create an online account on the dedicated government platform, which is now live here, and provide their contact details. This can be done in French, German or English. Each individual assignee must then be declared separately, no later than on the first day of the assignment.

How Do Social Identification Badges Work?

After making the online declaration, the person making the declaration may order the social identification badge online.

The employer will then receive a notice indicating where it is possible to pick up the badge. Collection will be at one of the Labour Inspection (ITM) offices in Strassen, Diekirch or Esch sur Alzette, depending on the geographical proximity to the place of posting. The social identification badge will only show the employee's identity and a bar code. The Inspectorate of Labour and Mines (ITM) can simply scan the barcode to access the other data provided at the time the declaration of posted work was submitted.

The badge is free of charge and does not expire, and can therefore be used for multiple postings of the same assignee, as long as new information is declared online for each separate posting.

Action Items

  • Ensure that upcoming assignments to Luxembourg are declared using the new online tool, no later than the first day of the assignment, and that social identification badges are obtained for individual assignees

This alert was drafted using information provided by Osch & Arendt

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