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UAE - Additional Medicals To Be Required For Nationals of 10 Countries

The UAE has imposed a new medical requirement for nationals of Sri Lanka and Indonesia, which, if effective, will be rolled out to nationals of eight more countries in Africa and South East Asia.

What is the New Medical Requirement?

The new requirement is for a medical test, for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, HIV, leprosy, syphilis and malaria, to be taken at an approved health centre in the home country before entry to the UAE. Over 220 approved health centres in the 10 African and South East Asian countries have been connected visa a secure computer system with the Embassies of the UAE and other Gulf countries to facilitate this. The current system of a government medical post arrival will also remain in place, meaning, in effect, that a double medical test will be required for affected nationalities.

Who is Affected?

Currently, the UAE is requiring the new medical to be taken by nationals of Sri Lanka and Indonesia. However, it is planned that this will be put in place for nationals of Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines and Sudan in the near future.

Will this be Rolled out Across Other Countries?

The system is being implemented by all member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Action Items

  • Note the new medical test requirement for nationals of Sri Lanka and Indonesia moving to the UAE; likely to be extended to nationals of a further eight countries in the near future.

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