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SWEDEN – New Registration with Work Environment Authority from 1 July

From 1 July 2013, any assignees posted to Sweden who will be working in Sweden for longer than five days must be registered with the Swedish Work Environment Authority. This includes currently assigned individuals as well as new assignees, and applies to both European Union and non-European Union nationals.

Registration Procedure

The registration should be carried out at the Work Environment Authority website although, currently, the online application form and details are not yet available. It is likely that the registration will request basic personal details (name, passport or travel document number, date of birth) as well as assignment details (start and end dates, job title and brief description of duties) and also the Swedish employer details (address, contact details).

Note that the Swedish company will also need to appoint a designated contact person and representative who will be responsible for providing evidence, if requested, to the Work Environment Authority of compliance with employment laws (which cover, among other things: health and safety, discrimination and work, working hours).

It is not yet clear when exactly the registration must be carried out, but it is recommended to complete it within five days of the individual commencing work, since the requirement applies to all individuals who will be working in Sweden for longer than five days.

Who Does This Affect?

All non-Swedish posted employees (i.e. assignees or transferees, but not local hires) who will be working in Sweden for more than five days must be registered.

Note that the rule is retroactive - i.e. assignees posted to Sweden before 1 July and still working in Sweden must also be registered, as well as new moves.

Action Items

  • Review details of current assignees and upcoming assignees to Sweden and prepare to register their details with the Work Environment Authority on 1 July
  • Ensure that your company in Sweden is fully aware of its responsibilities and duties with regard to employment law and working conditions and is able to document its compliance if requested

This alert was prepared using information provided by Newcomers Immigration and Relocation.

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