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AUSTRALIA – Additional Major Visa Application Fee Increases

Australia’s Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) has announced increased visa application fees and a change in the fee structure, effective 1 July.

New Fee Structures

In addition to the large increase in the fee for a Temporary Work (Skilled) Subclass 457 visa, from AUD$455 to AUD$900, Parliament has approved new fees for dependent visa applications, for certain paper applications, and for subsequent applications for some temporary visas from within Australia.

The proposed Visa Pricing Table is available here.

Dependent Application Fees

Australia has not previously charged a fee for dependents included in a visa application. For the majority of visa categories, there will be a new fee for each dependent included in an application, set at a higher rate for dependents aged 18 or above.

Subsequent Temporary Application Charge

Moreover, under the new fee structure, there will be a further charge of AUD$700 per applicant for certain temporary visa applications made within Australia, based on the individual applicant's temporary visa history. It does not apply to the first temporary visa granted to the applicant within Australia.

Non-Internet Application Charge

There will be a further charge of AUD$80 if there is an online application option but the application is submitted by other means. This charge is paid once, regardless of the number of applicants included in the application.

Action Items

  • If possible, to avoid paying the new, increased fees, apply for relevant visas prior to 28 June 2013, when the DIAC system will go offline temporarily.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Visa Executive

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