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Welcome to Maude Burger-Smith, Who Joins Peregrine as Global Immigration Project Manager

Peregrine Immigration Management Ltd is delighted to welcome Maude Burger-Smith on board as a Global Immigration Project Manager.

Professional Experience

Maude is a global immigration professional with over six years of global immigration advisory and management experience.

Starting out as a consultant handling global casework back in 2007, Maude has rapidly built an impressive career in the growing field of global mobility. Immediately prior to joining Peregrine, Maude held a senior management position in a well-respected global immigration consultancy, where she had responsibility for hiring, training, managing and assessing global teams of immigration consultants.

Educational Background and Qualifications

Maude obtained a first for her BA in Cultural and Literary Studies from the University of Cape Town, and went on to earn another First for her Master’s thesis on the Interdependence of Culture and Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany. She has since achieved Global Mobility Specialist Certification from Worldwide ERC, the association for workforce mobility professionals.

Contact Details

Maude has now joined Peregrine and we are delighted to welcome her aboard. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and will be expanding coverage of African destinations in Immiguru, our unique, award-winning global immigration knowledge database. Maude will also be developing Peregrine’s training offering, working alongside our clients to create knowledgeable, effective and efficient global mobility teams. Maude is very approachable – please feel free to contact her on or +44 20 3 6673435 to say hello!

Peregrine Immigration

Peregrine is an immigration consultancy with a difference – we believe that for companies to handle immigration effectively and in compliance with the law, an embedded understanding of how immigration processes work is essential. To that end, we provide training, project work, consultations, policy drafting, RFP management and case management support.

All our services are geared towards empowering our clients to handle immigration effectively, whether that is in-house, or outsourced.

Our revolutionary immigration knowledge software, Immiguru, enables HR and industry professionals to access detailed and accurate immigration knowledge for around 56 different countries at the touch of a button. Immiguru recently won Peregrine a Re:Locate Award for Technological Innovation, and was also awarded a runner-up Expatriate Mobility and Management Award (EMMA) in 2012. Find out more about us, and see a video of Immiguru for yourself, on our website here.

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