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MEXICO – Streamlined Procedure for Visa Card Issuance

The National Immigration Institute (INM) in Mexico has initiated a new procedure for processing temporary and permanent residence cards, enabling same-day printing and issuance.

Streamlined Procedure

With the implementation of the new system, applicants receive their residence cards on the same day they attend the interview appointment at an INM office for fingerprinting and signing the document.

Previously the cards were sent to the National Printing Office, resulting in significant delays of two additional weeks on average.

Speedy Renewals

Another measure to tackle delays, in operation since June this year, has been the creation of a special desk to receive and process visa renewal applications and cut the processing time to less than one week.

Training For Consulates

Furthermore, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given special training to consular officers, with an emphasis on the implications of the new Migration Act for the consulates.


The changes aim to address the significant backlog in application processing that has occurred since the enforcement of the new Migration Law and its Regulations in November 2012.

The new law gives Mexican consulates exclusive responsibility to issue certain types of visa, which were previously granted directly by the INM. Applicants for those visas have recently experienced complications, as some consulates were not ready for the new policy.

Action Items

  • Note that residence cards are now issued on the same day as the fingerprint and interview appointment at an INM office.
  • Also note that visa renewal processing times are now less than one week

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Arellano Abogados.

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