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GREECE – Change in Medical Certificate Requirements

According to a circular from the Greek Ministry of the Interior, a medical certificate obtained abroad may now be submitted in support of a residence permit in Greece.

This means that the application for a residence permit can supported with another original of the medical certificate obtained in the home country for the visa application, instead of undergoing an immigration medical in Greece.

Medical Certificate Requirements

A foreign medical certificate submitted in support of a residence permit in Greece must be issued by a recognised state or private doctor, legalised or Apostilled and translated into Greek.

The medical certificate should certify that the non-EU applicant does not suffer from cholera, tuberculosis, yellow fever, plague or any other disease capable of constituting a threat to public health, according to international standards and the World Health Organisation. The certificate must also be less than six months old, and state that the applicant is not pregnant.

Acceptance of Home Country Medicals in Practice

Note that, in practice, medical certificates issued in the home country may require additional investigation by the Greek authorities.

Additionally, the circular will not officially come into effect until the new Immigration Law in Greece has been voted in - this is expected imminently. In the meantime, however, the authorities may request a local medical certificate at their own discretion.

Action Items

  • Note that an additional original medical certificate from the country of application may be obtained at the home country medical check for submission in support of the residence permit application.
  • Adjust timings to allow for the translation and legalisation/Apostille of the second original medical certificate
  • Note that in some cases, a local medical certificate may still be requested - we recommend that local advice is obtained on this matter on a case by case basis.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Corporate Relocations Greece

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