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ARGENTINA – Changes to Applications for Transitory Visas

The Argentinian government has passed new regulations for short-term Transitory Visa applications, clarifying changes first announced in July.

Key Changes

  • A Transitory Visa issued by an Argentinian consulate abroad will be valid for a 30-day stay but may be renewed repeatedly in Argentina for up to a year;
  • A Transitory Visa issued post-arrival in Argentina will be valid for a 90-day stay and will not be renewable. It will, however, be possible to apply again for one more Transitory Visa in the same calendar year, but this will require the applicant to exit and re-enter Argentina;
  • The holder of a Transitory Visa issued by an Argentinian Consulate may exit and re-enter Argentina during the period of validity of the visa without cancelling the visa.
  • If the holder of a Transitory Visa issued post-arrival in Argentina exits Argentina the visa will automatically be cancelled.

Implications of the Changes

For an assignee not already in Argentina, the advantage of the Transitory Visa obtained from an Argentinian consulate is that it is renewable up to a full year without needing to exit and re-enter the country. This benefit is balanced by the extra documentary requirements and processing time associated with the consular application process, and with the need to renew the visa every 30 days.

A Transitory Visa obtained post-arrival in Argentina may be a good option for assignments of up to 90 days, or up to 180 days if exiting and re-entering the country is not a problem. This route also enables a more rapid deployment of short-term assignees in Argentina.

Action Items

  • If your company sends short term assignees to Argentina, and uses the Transitory Visa category, ensure that all relevant parties are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of these application routes.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by LABS Relocation Services

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