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IRELAND – Intra Company Transfer Quota Increased

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (DJIE) in Ireland has increased the quota for foreign national intra-company transferees from five percent of a company’s total employees to fifty percent.


The maximum proportion of non-EEA national intra-company transferees is now in line with the 50% ratio for other employment permits to Ireland. This change makes it easier to transfer senior management, key personnel or trainees who are foreign nationals from an overseas branch of a multinational corporation to its Irish branch.

Moreover, the quota has been removed completely for applications for any type of employment permit made by the employee, rather than the employer. The employee may make the application instead of the employer using the standard application form for employment permit applications to Ireland.


These changes follow others introduced this year, designed to allow greater flexibility to employment permit procedures. These changes included new salary criteria, new application forms, a revised Highly Skilled Occupations list and a reduced labour market test requirement.

An intra-company transferee to Ireland who has held an Intra-Company Transfer or Contract Service Provider Employment Permit for a year may now apply for a Green Card or a work permit without leaving the country during the application process.

Action Items

  • Note that the lifting of the previous restrictive quota for Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permits means that more of these permits may now be issued to a company.
  • Consider asking the employee to apply for an ICT permit, rather than the employer, if there is already a high ratio of non-EEA ICT permit holders employed by the company.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Corporate Care Relocation

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