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NETHERLANDS - Work On Arrival For More Applicants

The Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND) in the Netherlands has announced that provisional residence permit (machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf, or MVV) stickers for highly-skilled workers and scientific researchers will state their employment status, so if they obtain the stickers before entering they can work as soon as they arrive in the Netherlands, prior to obtaining the residence card.

How Can Applicants Obtain the Sticker in Advance of Arrival?

Dutch consulates/embassies will stamp the Provisional Residence Permit, or “MVV sticker,” with a foreign worker’s employment status.

The new information on the sticker will allow workers to work as soon as they arrive in the Netherlands, even if they have not yet received their application sticker or residency card.

They will no longer need to make an appointment with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) to get a residence endorsement sticker before beginning work.

Foreign nationals who are visa-exempt must still get the endorsement sticker after entry before they can work.

Also note that family members of highly skilled workers and scientific researchers are permitted to take up employment in the Netherlands, but only after they have received residence cards.

Action Items

  • Note that effective immediately, new MVV stickers for highly skilled workers or scientific researchers should indicate employment status, meaning that holders of these will be permitted to start work prior to obtaining the residence card or residence card application sticker on arrival in the Netherlands.
  • Note that this only applies to applicants who obtain MVVs - i.e. those who obtain visas prior to arrival in the Netherlands. Visa exempt nationals, unless electing to obtain a visa in advance, will still need to register with the IND before commencing work.

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