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NETHERLANDS – Registration with the Immigration Authorities No Longer Required for EU Nationals

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in the Netherlands has announced that, effective immediately, European Union (EU) nationals need no longer register with the IND in order to take up employment in the Netherlands. However, registration with the local town hall is still a requirement for EU nationals remaining in the Netherlands for four months or longer.

IND Registration – What’s Changed?

Registration with the IND for EU nationals resulted in a sticker being placed in the applicant’s passport, which served as evidence of legal stay and right to work in the Netherlands. These stickers will no longer be issued for EU nationals. The IND has issued an open letter (accessible here to employers informing them that a valid passport for EU/EEA/Swiss ID card is sufficient proof of legal status in the Netherlands.

IND registration is still required for non-EU nationals.

Romanians, Bulgarians, Croatians

The new rules apply to Romanians, Bulgarians and Croatians as well as all pre-2007 members of the European Union. Note that, effective 1 January 2014, Romanians and Bulgarians have had free access to the Dutch labour market. Croatians, however, are still required to obtain work permission (for example, work permits, Blue Cards, Knowledge Migrant residence permits).

Address Registration

EU nationals remaining in the Netherlands for four months or longer are still required to register with the local municipality (town hall) in their area of residence, for which a lease contract and legalised or Apostilled birth and marriage certificates for all family members will be required.

Note also that in some cases, EU nationals who will be in the Netherlands for less than four months may find it convenient to register at the town hall, in order to obtain a BSN number (tax number). BSN numbers can be applied for separately or in conjunction with the town hall address registration.

Action Items

  • Note that, effective immediately, there is no requirement for EU nationals to register with the IND in the Netherlands, although address registration with the local municipality is still required for those staying for four months or longer.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by V&A Group

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