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SOUTH KOREA - Sharp Increases for Immigration Fees in 2014

Effective 1 January 2014, the South Korean government has doubled its fees for most immigration services, although there are exceptions. An application for change of status to permanent residence will now cost four times as much as last year.

This is the first increase in fees for immigration services in South Korea since 1998, and aims to bring the fees into line with those charged by comparable countries.

Fees Comparison Table

The full list of fee increases is as follows:

Category Previous Fee (KRW) Revised Fee (KRW)
Permitting Activities Outside of Temporary Status 60,000 (c. $55USD) 120,000 (c. $110USD)
Change/Addition of Workplace 60,000 (c. $55USD) 120,000 (c. $110USD)
Grant of Temporary Stay Status 40,000 (c. $37USD) 80,000 (c. $74USD)
Spouse of a Korean National (Initial) 20,000 (c. $19USD) 40,000 (c. $38USD)
Spouse of a Korean National (Renewal) 20,000 (c. $19USD) 30,000 (c. $28USD)
Change of Stay Status 50,000 (c. $46USD) 100,000 (c. $94USD)
Change of Stay Status to F-5 Permanent Resident 50,000 (c. $46USD) 200,000 (c. $190USD)
Extending the Period of Stay 30,000 (c. $28USD) 60,000 (c. $55USD)
(Re)Issuance of Alien Registration Card 20,000 (c. $19USD) 30,000 (c. $28USD)
Issuance of Miscellaneous Document 1000 (c. $1USD) 2000 (c. $2USD)

Action Points

  • Note the new fees and budget accordingly.
  • Ensure that employees/assignees take the correct fees to appointments.
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