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FINLAND – Changes to the Personal Identity Code Application

Effective 1 December 2014, foreign nationals applying for a Finnish residence permit will be asked whether they wish to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System and apply for a personal identity number in the application form. Until now, foreign nationals have had to register separately at a local office in Finland after receiving the residence permit and arriving in the country in order to submit their personal data and request a personal identification number. The personal ID number, is often needed for tax purposes and when communicating with public authorities, banks and employers.

Registration Procedure

Foreign nationals may ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System when they apply for their first residence permit, and receive a Finnish personal ID number (henkilötunnus) at the same time as they are issued with the permit. An extract from the population register will be enclosed with the residence permit decision letter, together with information on the ID number and local registrations. In addition, the ID number is printed on the Permit Card. If no residence permit is granted, no information will be recorded in the Population Information System, and the applicant will not be issued with a personal identity code. Note that the personal identity code will not be automatically issued, but the applicant must remember to ask to be registered when applying for the residence permit and include the request form.

Registration of EU Nationals

EU nationals can now also apply to be registered in the population register and obtain a personal ID number, at the same time as the EU registration at the local police station or online.

Municipality of Residence Registration

Registration in the Finnish Population Information System and issuance of a personal ID number does not include or replace municipality of residence registration, which must still be completed at a local register office if remaining in Finland for more than a year. Municipality of residence registration is needed for the use of services provided by the city or the municipality, such as healthcare services and child day care.

Action Items

  • Ensure that residence permit and EU registration applicants apply concurrently for registration into the Population Information System to get their personal ID number, useful for official communications with public authorities, banks and employers.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Finland Relocation Services.

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