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IRELAND – Re-entry Visa Delays and a Change to Critical Skills Eligibility

There are delays in re-entry visa processing, and a change of wording for one category of eligible skills for the Critical Skills Employment Permit.

Re-entry Visas

In recent weeks there has been a very high number of people queuing to obtain re-entry visas, as people plan to travel over the Christmas period. There are reports of people queuing overnight at the main Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) office in Burgh Quay, Dublin.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) has acknowledged that they are experiencing an unprecedented demand for re-entry visas, but hopes to have normal processing times restored as soon as possible.

However the visa office strongly advise that any applicant intending to travel in 2015, does not join the queue at this time as it is creating additional difficulties for those who are planning to travel before Christmas. It is possible for people to apply for the re-entry visa by post and this service can take anything from 10 to 21 days.

Any visa required national residing in Ireland, with a valid permission to remain, will require a re-entry visa to travel freely into and out of Ireland (until they gain Irish residency rights). Re-entry visas are only granted for a maximum of one year, or in line with the expiration date on an individual’s GNIB card.

Note that the registration process with the Garda National Immigration Bureau, which is co-located with the Re-entry Visa Office, is operating normally. There is no need to queue before the Office opening hours and all applicants will be dealt with on the day.

Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations

The Department for Justice, Enterprise and Innovation (DJEI) has made slight changes to the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List, which defines which skills are eligible for the Critical Skills Employment Permit. The most important change is the new wording for the Sales, Marketing and Related Associate Professionals category.

The category now applies to “Business sales executives specialising in International Sales roles or ITB2B sales roles and with fluency in the official language, ‘’’apart from English’’’, of a state which is not a Member State of the EEA.” It can be concluded from this that any international or IT sales executive with fluency only in English or an EEA language is now ‘’’ineligible’’’ for the Critical Skills Employment Permit. Previous to this change, English as an official language of a non-EEA state was not mentioned as an exception in this category.

Action Items

  • Any visa required national residing in Ireland, who is planning to travel out of Ireland before the end of 2014, should be prepared for significant delays in processing of their re-entry visa, including long queues at the GNIB office in Dublin.
  • Those intending to travel after 15 January 2015 are advised to apply for their re-entry visa after 5 January.
  • Wait to make travel plans until the re-entry permit is issued.
  • Sales Executives whose only language is English are no longer qualified to obtain an employment permit in Ireland.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Corporate Care Relocation.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this immigration alert has been abridged from laws, court decisions, and administrative rulings and should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. If you have specific questions regarding the applicability of this information, please contact Peregrine © 2021 Peregrine Immigration Management Ltd.