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RUSSIA – Changes to Quota and Visa Extension Applications

The Moscow Centre for Labour Exchange has recently announced several changes to the quota application process in Russia. Most significant are the introduction of online applications, tougher documentary requirements and new reasons for rejecting applications. This year’s quota application filing deadlines were also confirmed and, separately, the Federal Migration Service has made changes to visa extension application requirements.

Online Quota Applications

Effective 7 April 2014, it will be possible to submit quota applications for engaging foreign labour through Migrakvota as an alternative to paper-based applications. Note that even for online applications, original supporting documentation must be submitted separately (see below).

New Documentary Requirements

Companies are now required to present original corporate documents, which will be verified and returned, alongside notarised copies. Previously, only notarised copies were required. Furthermore, the original of the lease agreement for the company’s office must be presented, along with a letter guaranteeing provision of accommodation for foreign employees filling quota positions, and another guaranteeing medical insurance. Previously these were not required.

Reasons for Negative Quota Application Decisions

An updated list of reasons a company may receive a negative quota allocation decision was released. Quota positions will not be granted to companies which:

  • are not registered in the unified register of legal persons;
  • have ever submitted falsified documents or data to the authorities;
  • are going through bankruptcy procedures;
  • could cover the staffing needs with local labour resources;
  • have indicated a salary level lower than the set living standard for the region in which the application is submitted;
  • have previously failed to provide medical insurance and accommodation for employees;
  • are charged with offences in the areas of labour, migration, tax or social security law;
  • have failed to comply with the set quota of foreign employees in a particular industry.

Quota Application Deadlines

The new deadlines for filing quota applications are 1 July for the quota 2015 applications and 1 September 2014 for the year 2014 “correction” applications.

Visa Extension Applications

Effective immediately, in order to file for a visa extension, the applicant’s passport should be valid for at least six months after the requested visa end date. In case of insufficient passport validity, the visa validity will be curtailed accordingly.

Action Items

  • Note the changes to quota application requirements and possible reasons for a negative decision.
  • Note the latest deadlines for submitting quota applications.
  • Note the extended passport validity requirement for visa extension applications.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Vista Foreign Business Support

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