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IRELAND – GNIB Registration Changes

Further to our recent alert on the intended Employment Permit changes in Ireland, there will also be some practical changes in registration with the Irish police (An Garda Síochána). From 10 May 2014, a revised interim smart card certificate of registration printed in Dublin will be issued to foreign nationals upon their residence registration.

What Has Changed?

Longer Processing Outside Dublin

Previously, police offices outside the Dublin Metropolitan Region printed certificate of registration cards locally to issue to foreign nationals registering with that office, often on the same day as their registration. The new cards will be printed centrally at the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) office in Dublin and will take two to three weeks to process.

Personal Appearance Required Twice Outside Dublin

Foreign nationals residing outside Dublin will continue to register in the district in which they reside but will now be required to return to the registration office two to three weeks later to collect their certificate of registration; same day issuance will no longer be possible. Note also that personal appearance will be required on both visits as fingerprints will be taken.

Same Day Processing Still Possible in Dublin

It is expected that same day issuance will still be available in Dublin, but that foreign nationals who register there after in the evening may be required to return the following day to collect their certificates of registration.

Who Needs a Certificate of Registration?

All individuals who are not EU/EEA or Swiss nationals must register with the police and have a valid registration certificate in the form of a certificate of registration GNIB Card showing lawful residence in Ireland.

Current Documentation

Existing certificates of registration will remain valid until their expiration date and the new cards will be issued upon renewals.

Implementation Closures and Possible Disruption

The GNIB registration office in Dublin will close at 3 pm on Friday 9 May 2014 to implement the new system. The office will re-open at 8 pm on Monday 12 May 2014. It is possible that there may be some disruption to customer service in the week beginning Tuesday 6 May to Friday 9 May due to staff training on the new cards.

Action Items

  • As registration offices outside of Dublin will no longer be able to manufacture certificates of registration cards locally, applicants in these regions will need to attend the office twice in person, for application and for collection.
  • Processing times for certificates of registration cards applied for outside of Dublin will be extended.
  • Note the Dublin registration offices closures and that these changes are likely to result in a temporary slowdown in processing times, while the new system is implemented.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Corporate Care Relocation and the Irish Garda

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