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RUSSIA – Work Permit and Permanent Residency Applicants Will Require Russian Language and History Knowledge

Effective January 2015, all applicants for work permits or permanent residence permits for Russia will have to pass exams in Russian language, history and law.

What Are the New Knowledge Requirements?

The Russian government has passed amendments to the federal law FL-115 which will require foreign nationals wishing to obtain or extend a work permit, or permanent residence permit, from 1 January 2015, to demonstrate proof of knowledge of Russian language, Russian history and the Russian legal system.

Highly skilled professionals and their dependents will be exempt from the new requirement.

The Russian government has yet to announce details of the exams and where they will be administered.

Other Changes

Another amendment to the same law simplifies the process for acquiring Russian citizenship for native speakers of Russian. Applicants will be able to obtain Russian citizenship by passing an exam before a special committee.

The details of the implementation of this change, due to come into effect in July 2014, have also yet to be announced.

Action Items

  • Note the new language and history knowledge requirements for initial and renewal work permit applications, as well as permanent residence permit applications, due to take effect in January 2015.
  • Note the simplified route to citizenship for native Russian speakers, due to take effect in July 2014.
  • Note also that, until further details are announced, the requirements and implementation dates may change.
  • Expect some processing delays when these amendments are implemented.

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