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CANADA - Dependent Maximum Age Reduced to 18, Effective Today

The maximum age for a child to qualify as a dependent for immigration purposes for Canada is changing today, 1 August 2014, from under 22 to under 19. The exception for full-time students to continue to qualify as dependents is also being removed. However, dependent children aged 19 or over who are dependent on their parents due to a mental or physical condition will still continue to be considered as dependents.

Background to the Change

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) states that, Reducing the age for dependants to under 19 in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) will bring the IRPR in line with provincial definitions of “age of majority,” which is currently evenly split between 18 and 19 across provinces and territories.

It also brings Canada in line with most other countries, the majority of which have a cut off age of 18 for children to qualify as dependents (although there are exceptions).

Transitional Measures

All permanent residence applications already under processing with CIC will be considered under the old rules.

Additionally, certain applicants under multi-step permanent resident immigration programs who are already in the immigration process, but who have not yet submitted their application for permanent residence, will be permitted to have their applications completed based on the previous definition of dependent child.

Action Items

  • Note that, effective today, only children aged up to (and including) 18 years of age will be considered as dependents for immigration purposes to Canada

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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