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FRANCE – Immigration Medical No Longer Needed for Some Categories

Decree No. 2014-921, passed in France on 18 August 2014, has made some amendments to existing immigration legislations, the most notable of which is the waiver of an immigration medical for a number of categories.

Who No Longer Needs a Medical?

Following the ruling last week which has gone into effect immediately, applicants in the following categories of permits will no longer be required to have a medical following arrival in France:

  • Intra-company transfers (Salarié en mission) and their family members;
  • Skills and Talents (Compétences & Talents) and their family members;
  • Family members of European Blue Card permit holders (the European Blue Card permit principal applicants were exempt from this requirement before);
  • Artistic and Cultural professions and their family members;
  • Scientists and Researchers and their family members.

Note that applicants in the standard local hire and service provider permit categories will still need to book and attend an immigration medical.

What Is the Impact of the Change?

Previously applicants in the above listed categories had to attend a mandatory medical examination with the Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration (OFII) and receive clearance from a doctor before applying for a residence permit.

Although an appointment date and time is scheduled, the visit often takes up to four hours, due to long waiting times.

Applicants who are now exempt from the immigration medical requirement may enter France and apply for their Residence Permit (Titre de Séjour) directly.

Ongoing Applications

Immigration applications already in process prior to the 18 August ruling will still need to complete the medical at the OFII before the residence permit application in France.

Action Items

  • Note that applicants under the listed categories no longer need to attend an immigration medical in France prior to the residence permit application
  • Note that immigration applications already in process prior to the 18 August ruling will still need to complete the medical before the residence permit application in France.

This alert was drafted using information provided by Expat Partners in Paris

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