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CYPRUS – Biometrics Now Required for New Combined Work and Residence Permit for Non-EU Nationals in International Companies

Effective 25 August 2014, non-EU nationals employed by international companies in Cyprus must provide biometric data within seven days of arrival in Cyprus.

Applicants in this category must also submit a new application form and pay updated fees. If successful, they will receive a new combined residence and work permit. Previously, separate work and residence permit applications were required, and separate permits issued.

The changes represent Cyprus beginning to implement the EU Single Permit directive, passed into EU law in December 2011.

The Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) has not yet rolled out the combined permit to other categories of non-EU temporary workers.

Biometric Data

Once their combined work and residence permit has been approved, a principal applicant in this category, and any accompanying dependents, must register at the appropriate District Office of the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Police, or the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia, within seven days of their arrival in Cyprus.

The principal applicant, but not the dependents, will also be required to have their photograph and fingerprints taken, and also to provide their signature.

Transitional Measures

Applicants whose applications were pending on 25 August 2014 must submit an additional application and pay an additional €10 fee before 25 October 2014, otherwise the pending application will be rejected.

Existing residence permits issued under the previous legislation are valid until their expiry.

International Companies

This route, which is not subject to labour market testing and can lead to long term or permanent residence. applies to executive directors, middle managers, executive staff and key personnel.

International companies need to request blanket permission to employ foreign nationals from the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD) and prove their eligibility.

To be eligible to transfer or hire workers using this process, more than 50% of the company’s shares should be foreign owned.

Action Items

  • Ensure that any non-EU national employed at an international company, with an approved temporary residence permit, submits their biometric data within seven days of arrival in Cyprus.
  • Ensure that any non-EU national employed at an international company who had an application for a temporary residence permit pending on 25 August 2014 submits the additional application and fees by 25 October 2014.

This alert was drafted using information provided by Nicolaides Stylianou LLC.

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