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MALAYSIA – All Professional Visit Pass Applications Must be Submitted Online

The Malaysian Immigration Department (MID) announced last week that, as of 1 October 2014, all Malaysian companies wishing to apply for Professional Visit Pass (PVP) applications for foreign national “experts” must be registered with the Expatriate Service Division (ESD), and submit PVP applications through the ESD’s online portal. Manual applications were no longer accepted as of 26 September.

A subsequent announcement has clarified that this requirement extends to companies with Malaysia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia) status, who previously submitted PVP applications through the Multimedia Development Corporation’s (MDeC) e-Xpats Service Centre.

What is the Impact of the Change?

There are likely to be delays with the ESD registration, as many companies will need to register for the first time. Companies which have not yet completed ESD registration will not be able to apply for PVPs at all until the registration has been finalised. Registration is now likely to take more than two months.

Who is Affected?

The change affects all Malaysian companies applying for a Professional Visit Pass on behalf of a foreign national employee, including MSC companies.

The MID announcement states that foreign national employees affected are those in the category of “expert”, which includes consultants, technical advisers, machine installation and maintenance experts, professors, lecturers and researchers.

Artists and missionaries applying for a PVP are not included in the “expert” category and may, therefore, still be able to apply without going through the ESD online portal.

What is the Professional Visit Pass?

The PVP enables a foreign knowledge worker to be assigned to a Malaysian company, while remaining on home payroll, for up to twelve months.

Action Items

  • Malaysian companies not yet registered with the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) and planning to submit Professional Visit Pass (PVP) applications for foreign employees should register as soon as possible with the ESD to minimise possible delays.
  • All corporate PVP applications must, from 1 October, be submitted through the ESD online portal, including those for MSC Malaysia status companies.

This news alert was prepared using information provided by Rabin & Associates.

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