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IRELAND – New Conditions for Minors with Irish Visas

Effective 13 October 2014, visas for children travelling to Ireland now include an endorsement stating whether the child is travelling accompanied or unaccompanied by one or more parent, legal guardian or other adult.

What are the Consequences?

These conditions apply to visas issued to minors on or after 13 October, regardless of whether the visa application was submitted to the Irish embassy before 13 October 2014 and may impact family travel plans.

Accompanied Minors

Minors (under the age of 18) in possession of a visa issued on or after 13 October, which indicates they are to be accompanied, must be accompanied by the named person or persons when they arrive at a port of entry in Ireland or be denied entry

Note that if applications for the accompanying children’s visas are submitted to the Irish embassy at the same time as an employment visa application for an employment permit holder the child’s visa will automatically be endorsed with the passport number for the principal parent (i.e. the employment permit holder).

Where a child is travelling in the company of one named adult, the name and passport number of that person will be shown on the visa. Where they are travelling with two named adults, only the passport numbers of both adults will be entered.

If one of the adults named on the child’s visa travels ahead to Ireland (to organise accommodation, for example), that adult will have to return to the country of origin and re-enter Ireland accompanied by the child.

In this case, and if the named adult is a visa-requiring national, they will need to complete GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) registration and obtain a re-entry or multiple entry visa before they travel out of Ireland.

Should the holder of a visa endorsed with "accompanied" or "unaccompanied" as above reach the age of 18 years, the visa will be treated as if it does not carry the endorsement.

Unaccompanied Minors

Minors in possession of a visa issued on or after 13 October which indicates that they are unaccompanied are permitted to travel unaccompanied, but are also permitted to be accompanied by an adult.

Action Items

  • Ensure that any accompanying adult, named in the remarks section of a minor’s Irish visa, travels with that child into Ireland, even if that adult has already travelled to Ireland to make living arrangements.

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